Project Description


We wanted to embellish the Borgo d’Itria with a restaurant reserved exclusively for you guests where you can taste typical dishes of this generous land.

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In the preparation of the dishes served to the kind guests, as much as possible we use vegetables, fruits and oil of our property, following the natural Seasonality. For other ingredients and products we turn to selected local manufacturers of our trust and guarantee.

N.B.: The list of Pugliese Specialties would be prolit and not exhaustive. Below we list some of the many good delicacies that you can taste in the borgo and the surrounding area.

  • The Great-Simple Dishes of Tradition: the “Gnumeredde Suffuchete“, Cavatelli with Sauce and Rice with Potatoes and Mussels.
  • Lampascioni’s Omelette.
  • The Taralli in their variations.
  • The Yogurt And Dried Figs Doughnut.
  • The Orecchiette with tomato sauce.
  • The rools meat with tomato sauce.
  • The cured meats: Capocollo, Cervellette, (Bovini, Pigs, Lambs, Goats bred in the Valley of Itria are always renowned for their genuineness and delicacy)
  • Cheeses: Caciocavallo, Burrate, Mozzarella, Cacioricotta, Stracciatelle and Pecorino.
  • Fruits and vegetables: Almonds, Figs, Nuts, Cherries, Grapes and Watermelons… Rapa, Onions, Tomatoes, Beans, Chickpeas, Peppers and Artichokes.
  • The Garden of Pomona“, Goddess of Fruits and Garden; Thus was considered by the Ancient Romans the Land of Puglia, and such it has been preserved. So you won’t have to be surprised by the Abundance and Quality of the products of this land.
  • The figs: we mention them because they are our pride. Black or White, sweet, in season you will have the opportunity to seize them or elaborate in other form. A delight!
  • Oil: ours comes exclusively from the olives of our olive grove.
  • Wine: we don’t have vineyards, but we are in the heart of the production of two renowned D.O.C.s: Locorotondo and Martina Franca