An enchanted place where time has stopped, but Puglia continues to live

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From tradition...

Tradition is a beauty to be able and must preserve. Borgo d’Itria has always carried in its heart the desire to pass on over time, through its land and the services it provides, the importance and charm of Apulian values.

... to the cultivation ...

Our olive grove brings in its plants the power of traditions. In the olives that are harvested we find the flavor of past years, which through the stories of those who preceded us, reaches the oil we find on the table.

An interweaving of experiences, flavors and emotions that warm the heart

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... to the table

Thanks to our olive grove you will be able to know the origin of what you have on your plate: a priceless gift. Food has always united and made you happy, but the real emotion is when you can enjoy the authentic flavors of a land, to which you may not even belong, and feel at home.

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What are you waiting for? Immerse yourself in nature and let yourself be pampered by Borgo d’Itria


12 beds in accommodations where well-being reigns. Choose the room that suits you best. Choose the room that suits you best.

The pool

The perfect place to dedicate yourself entirely to your well-being, enjoying this excellent remedy to live a few hours as best as possible.


The Apulian cuisine is rich in unique flavors appreciated all over the world. Our restaurant wants to accompany you on a trip through flavors and traditions of Puglia.

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