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My home since always...

Many people think that staying in Borgo d’Itria is for me a return to the origins, but how can you return when you have never left?

This has always been my home.

... forever yours

When I was a child I used to kick stones and balls against the walls of these trulli where guests can now sleep.

Among these lands, of which you can taste the fruits, I grew up there and even today, when I walk there, I see my grandfather passing with the plow.

Can also hear his voice asking: “I did it and gave it to you, what will you do with it?”

My answer is all there is now, the wonder of the people who stay here, who choose and appreciate Borgo d’Itria.

Una storia dal sapore autentico

Working as a family

From the kitchen to the vegetable garden, from the reception to the wellness area, every single part that makes up Borgo d’Itria is taken care of through the work, which our staff carries out with passion and dedication.

The people in our team, however, are not only employees, but a real family.

Giorgio, Andrea, Rossella and Maria, guided by the same values, share with the guests of Borgo d’Itria the intimate and special feeling of feeling at home.

Da dimora a Resort


Borgo d’Itria offers 10 different accommodations to meet every type of need


A place that perfectly describes the word “relaxation”. In our veranda you can rest listening to the sounds of nature.


“If there is something magical in the world it is in the water”. Our swimming pool aims to honor this saying by offering guests peace and well-being.

Raw materials km0

In Borgo d’Itria the oil you eat, you can watch it grow in the olive groves. Everything you will have the pleasure of tasting is the result of the crops that take place in our land.

Borgo experiences

Your holiday will be a trip through simple cultures and traditions. Our activities are designed for those who want to connect with the place.


Every self-respecting love story is born at the table. Our restaurant wants to be the perfect opportunity to make you fall in love with the Apulian territory.

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