Why should I enjoy my free time at Borgo D’Itria?


Borgo d’Itria: Specialists in Relax, Nature, Food, History.

What are you looking for from your holiday? You are a short walk from Alberobello, a Unesco World Heritage Site, one of 51 unesco sites on the World Heritage List.

History and culture make the terminus in the beautiful city of Trulli.


Slow down the pace. Valle D'Itria, fairytale and enchanting landscape, a gently undulating territory where alternating poggi, karst hollows. Enjoy your time flowing as slowly as that of a millstone that squeezes the olives of the Valley.

Slow down the Rhythm

You don’t have to run to know history, it’s around the corner, millennial, as solid and strong as our people. It is time to look for the stillness and to admire what nature and man have done for us. Fall in love with the Valle d’Itria.

Valle d’Itria


Valle d’Itria welcomes the visitor with expanses of olive trees unparalleled, trees born from a red earth that smells and makes the panorama around a succession of wonderful chromatic effects. Lecci, Beech, Aceri, Ginestre, Myrtles, Orchids, Hawthorns, More, Peonies.

Uncontainable Nature

The blinding white of the trulli, the silver-grey of the chianches, the blue of the clear sky, the fula of the fields, the pink of the wild orchids, the purple of the grape clusters, the greenish of quintessential apples, the pinkish pearl of the grenadiers, the fulvo of the lobes, the chestnut of nespoles, the ruby of the last tomatoes.

Valle d’Itria


The cuisine is also known for Cavatelli and Orecchiette (those at turnip tops in particular), but also for the maltagliate, the strascinati and the tripoline. As for the cheeses, the Burrata, the Gravina Ball and the Canestrato of Puglia are typical.


They also master it in the friselle and taralli, but there are also special products such as Sgagliozze, pieces of fried polenta. The best known desserts are the sasanelli, the boconotto, the scarcella and the zeppola.

Valle d’Itria


The dry construction, without mortar, of the trulli, local limestone, laid by hand by the Trulli Masters. Above the cover composed of concentric stone rings. Both the supporting masonry and the inner cone are whitewashed with lime milk.

Warm winter and cool in summer

Trullo an example of Bioclimatic Architecture. By day, stones retain heat by absorption and disperse it by radiation at night. In addition, the large thickness of the walls offers a very high thermal inertia.

Valle d’Itria

Trulli and Masseria

Sun, Sea, Hills, Trulli and also Perfumes, Flavors and Pleasures. The Valle D’Itria offers all this. Come and visit us at the Borgo d’Itria and we will help you discover this corner of paradise.

Trullo Family

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Trullo Superior

Trullo Royal

Masseria Deluxe

Masseria Superior

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Our Story

With the name Borgo D’Itria, we have named a complex of buildings (Masseria, Trulli and church of ancient origin, recently restored in full respect of tradition and according to the requirements of superintendency), immersed in land belonging to cultivated with vegetable gardens, orchards and olive groves. The roots of Our Family are rooted in this land, as ancient as that of its monumental olive trees.


We are also an agricultural enterprise, which is based on the biodynamic criteria of traditional agriculture. We are in an area of hills about 400 meters above sea level, whose natural flora is composed of oaks, chestnuts, cypress, pines, Carrubi, walnuts, figs; all favoured by a temperate climate and a healthy air. Around expanses of 100-year-old olive trees interspersed with vineyards and cultivated fields

Good Table Taste

At the Borgo d’Itria we serve dishes based on vegetables, fruits and oil of our property, according to the natural seasonality. For the other ingredients we only turn to selected local producers of our trust. So it rediscovers the taste and pleasure of eating the products of the Earth. Some of our dishes; Cavatelli with tomato sauce, Rice with Potatoes and Mussels, Taralli, The yogurt doughnut and dried figs, the meat roll with tomato sauce etc.

Relax and Culture

The landscape and structure of the Borgo d’Itria lend itself to let us rest and meditate. The sweet landscape, the slow rhythms combined with the smells of nature can awaken in Us ancient emotions that only during the holiday can be found. History begins in the village and continues all around, in countries such as Alberobello, Martina Franca or in the many Churches in the area. The Appian Way is also a hallmark of history.